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Phnom Penh Tourist Sites

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Thinking of going around to Phnom Penh, the biggest city of the kingdom of Cambodia, then you need to you as international tourists to spend several days to explore the capital. After visiting the city its an other time to keep your journey to go to northwestern side of the country, 

Let Tour Guides Cambodia guide you to go through to inside of Phnom Penh,

Phnom Penh is just had went up from the darkness time of bloody genocidal period and recent civil war, about few decades ago, let review with us, things has just added up to modern capital like others capital across southeast Asia regions. Those of new buildings have developed and some of the difference project are being analyzed and it’s going to be developed, the colorful of nightlight styles is getting brighter and brighter from day to day till current day

A must thing that you would need to do it is getting a private tour guide and let sit in a luxury personal car to go around

The Phnom Penh private tour, personal transportation like Taxi car or Tuk Tuk driver and individual tour guide is an inadvisable, because a private tour it’s go along with individual taxi car and plus an English Well local spoken tour guide 

After you arranged a private tour guide and personal car to go around the city with us, then we are than happy to guide to explore all the things you would love to visit for one at a time.

here are the list of things to do and also things to see;

  1. Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda 

The royal palace and silver pagoda in Phnom Penh is one of the highlight tourist spots and also the palace is the home to Cambodia royal families for generations within a huge silver pagoda inside the palace compounds and also for the royal families to practice Buddhist Theravada.

Royal Palace Phnom Penh Cambodia

Royal Palace Phnom Penh Cambodia

After seeing/visiting the grand palace then we are able to walk through to the nearby National museum which it’s about palace walls, located on northern side of the palace. 

2. National Museum Art Gallery

National Museum Phnom Penh Cambodia

3. Toul Sleng Genocide Museum Security 21 Prison

The building we called Toul Sleng secondary school, pre Pol Pot regime and during of the 3 years, 8 months and 20 day under took control of the Pol Pot power or we can call Democratic of Cambodia. the regime turned the secondary school to the biggest detention center, interrogation, torturing and executed to almost imprisoned. The darkness age

Let visit the Killing Field after you had seen the prison 

4. Killing Field

The remarkable history and memory left from the Pot Pol period is called Killing Field it was biggest  fields and very official field to eliminate all of the Khmer Rough’s opponents 

5. Get a sunset boat cruise along rivers

Sitting in a boat and stay on top of the boat is a great way to get fresh air

6. Rifling machine guns shooting activity

Shoot every guns at the Cambodia Shooting Ranges outdoor and indoor phnom Penh, the gun shooting range is one of the must things to do and it gives you a fresh emotions and then turned to unforgettable shoot experience of Cambodia.

7. Independence Monument

he Independence monument of Phnom Penh of Cambodia is located closed on conjunction of  Sihanouk and Norodom boulevard and it was built after the whole country of Cambodia got fully independence from French colonialism

8. Shopping Russian Central market

What can you buy in here at phnom penh shops ? Actually, shopping is the last day or last minute for you as oversea travelers and there are some several local markets in the city, the preferable markets for expats or oversea tourists are the Russian or the central market of phnom penh of Cambodia. The market is open from sunrise till lat evening and everyday is business hours.

9. Udong Hill Former Capital

Phnom Udong is located in Psar Dek and Phnom Bat communes, Ponhea Leu district, about 41 kilometers north of Phnom Penh. The city drops behind while fishing villages and rice paddies surround either side of the sweeping plains of Kandal province. Then without warning, a mountain rises above it all, topped by the spire of stupas like some fairy castle. The road to Udong is clearly marked, and the distance along this road to the former city is less than 4 kilometers. Picnic huts selling everything from sweet palm fruit to roasted chicken cluster around the base of the hill.

10. Tamao Zoo

Cambodia’s biggest wildlife zoo is called Phnom Tamao, or well called as Tamao mountain “Phnom Penh is meant mountain” and also the zoo is the hugest animal wildlife rescuer center of Cambodia. And official name is called Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC), the distance from Phnom Penh is about 59 minutes+ by private car, it’s to road south of Phnom Penh and the zoo is standing on 6000 acres of land areas.

11. Mekong Silk Island Koh Dach

Mekong Island, locally known as Koh Dach, is where you can head to if you wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Cambodian capital. About 15 km north of the city centre, Koh Dach offers a world of peace and tranquillity, bounded by views of rice paddies, vegetable farms and fruit orchards.

12. Walking Along Sisowath Riverside Frontside Royal Palace

Walking alongside of Sisowath quay and also the frontside of royal palace and national museum is an open space areas. If you are Things of walking along in the capital of Phnom Penh city while your time is already in the town and then Sisowath quay is one of the most suitable site for the walking tour as playing a long jogging, regarded as an exercise while you are away from home and workout equipment tools.

riverbank of Sisowath quay, Phnom Penh Of Cambodia

13. Koh Pich Diamond Island 

Koh Pich is one of the island in Phnom Penh City and it’s also meant diamond island if we are translated from Cambodian to English, Koh is meant Island and Pich is referred to Diamonds. And now it’s going to modernization and also smart city of Phnom Penh in coming years soon.

It’s the newest city, located on the island of Phnom Penh capital and facing to Basacc and Mekong rivers, the island have developed and then turned to Cambodia’s modernest city, there are full of sky buildings, entertainments, parks for kid and big gardens, in short word we are to call the island city as Smart City Of Phnom Penh  

The buildings of Koh Pich “Diamond Island” overlook other of Rivers

14. Phnom Penh Night Market Food Stalls

Night market in phnom Penh is one of the well good street food stalls and it’s easy to find, it’s standing on the great location of Sisiwath quay and riverbank of street 106, 108 and face to street Sisowath quay, riverbank and backside of street number 5. at the market are full of clothes, cheap jewelry and Cambodia foods.

15. King Father Norodom Sihanouk Statue

the full content is coming soon!


16. Kickboxing and Training Activity

The Cambodia Kickboxing can be visiting on TV stations or live online, the Kickboxing is usually being performed in  some main cities of Cambodia 

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Thinking of going around to Phnom Penh and around the kingdom of Cambodia. Let Tour Guides Cambodia bring you to the where you would love to visit