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Are you looking for a trusted Cambodia Taxi or Tuk Tuk driver and capacity to understand what you want to do while your vacations in Cambodia. Please! Come straight to us’Cambodia Tour Guides Private English Speaking Guides/Driverswww.cambodiandrivers.com’.

Bellow are numbers of Professional English Speaking Taxi ‘Cars/Vans’, Tuk Tuk Drivers and also English Speking Guides who has long experienced in driving and guiding tourists to go in/around Phnom Penh/siem Reap of Cambodia.

My name is Sam ‘Cambodia’s Name’, I’m a Taxi driver and the taxis is kind of  land transport that we can go across Cambodia, based on my long year experienced of driving vehicles I can claim I am the best taxi driver in Cambodia’you will be never get lost, your trips will become a joyfull vacation’ continue reading

My name is Ka.Pov, I am an  English Speaking Tuk Tuk driver and Guide for your trips in Angkor Wat Siem Reaptown. Free pick from bus, boat docks Siem Reap International Airport to your stay in Siem Reap city. Please Contact direct to us [email protected] Call or WhatsApp +85589797079

Next morning we start a full siem reap tour! @ 8.30 or 9.00 Read More!!!

Dear valuable clients, looking for a personal andprofessional English Speaking Tuk-Tuk Driver toPhnom PenhCambodia for pleasurable trips while your trips going to Cambodia. Please email  through personal Email address: [email protected]

My name is Vann (15 seats of minu bus),  I am an English Speaking Tuk-Tuk Driver in Phnom Penh of Cambodia and I have been managing as the tuk-tuk driver since 2005(after the Third National General Election in Cambodia) with the experiences that I have been earned so far, your trips will come true. This is the best experience that I have been handled to my past clientsRead More….PLEASE!!!

Dear beloveable and valuable clients, my name is Rath and well known as Curly, I came from Kandal’s Neak Loeung commune, one of the Cambodia’s elegant countryside. when I had firstly traveled to Phom Penh in 1998, was the ages i finished  high school and then I worked for a noodle soup shop in the middle of the city and studied English part times (whle I was employing for the shop) for 3 years. And after the 3 years gradually gone I started thinking I would like to look for other jobs beside working for the a small shop.

when the idea of changing job had come to mind I immedately stepped back to home land and asked my parents to buy me a Tuk Tuk. PLEASE Read More…!!!

Interesting in our private Cambodia English Speaking Tuk Tuk driver and also Guides, please feel free contact us: call English or WhatsApp +85589797079 email:[email protected]

Tuk-Tuk Pick Up Services: Bus and Boat Stations <-> Hotels, 12,000 Riel or USD 3 to 20,000 or USD 5.

Phnom Penh International Airports<->Hotels: 36,000 Riel or USD 9 to 40,000 orUSD 10. And more if farther than I have thought