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Sisowath Riverside Royal Palace Phnom Penh

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Things of walking along in the capital of Phnom Penh city while your time is already in the town and then Sisowath quay is one of the most suitable site for the walking tour as paying a long jogging, regarded as an exercise while you are away from home and workout equipment tools.

Alongside of the quay there are lot of restaurants, bars, top roof bars are still available from now, after a long walking from the city sightseeing tours then it’s a good time to sit and relax at inside of your favorable restaurant or bar to enjoy soft drinks and some foods are already being served to everyone.

Bellow are the Tour Guides Cambodia recommendation for some reasons and when you should be starting the tours;

  • Sisowath Riverside Royal Palace Phnom Penh is located on confluence of 4 faces rivers, and its a great place to let all stressful to go with the fresh air 
  • The good  to start your walking trip is from street 240 of royal palace and if you are looking for see and enjoy your long walking tour is to start from the Naga world hotel and casino, at the frontside of the hotel there are a long and nice garden and then to the east is diamond island “new city and development site, the island is starting on a very huge area “. Naga world hotel to see big views of the city or street 240 town to street 102 are about river bank it’s one of the most busy communes in Phnom Penh. You are seeing some things a bit unique at the frontside of the royal, there is a holy house which have brought lot of Cambodia Buddhism goes to pray everyday. there are more 
  • When is the best to go for walk along the Sisowath Riverside Royal Palace,  11 am till early 4 pm is not a good time to time to go for walking its because to hot and Cambodia is a tropical country and it’s rainy for six month and hot for six month long, but between rainy and dry season is winer “December till mid February, if you are arrived during of the time then it’s good to go everywhere you want”. Rainy season is also hot for sometime if it’s not a really time and hot season is hot all day long. 


  • Then morning from 7am for before 7am like 6am till 9.30 and is a good time to go and also the sun just shine, not hot, and also the golden color of the sunrise is the reflection and replace to day time. the locals is start to do their workout at alongside of the riverside 
  • Evening after 4pm is the meeting of local peoples which just left from works and would love to spend late and last evening at the riverbank 


On the other hand, There are the conjunction of the meeting site between worldwide travelers who would love to spend 

Anything else please feel free contact Tour Guides Cambodia for further details  

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