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SihanoukVille Shooting Range Club is located on national road 4 Phnom Penh <-> Sihanouk Ville, the package of gun shooting is 500USD, that is meant you need to spend 500usd of gun shooting or then you are able to select weapons to shoot for worth “500usd”, this package is avalaible for private tour, group tours and sharing tour and then the transport to up and down “Sihanuk Ville”  is 99.99usd (extra expenses). Look! if you are traveling from Sihanouk ville to Phnom Penh or you are adventuring straighrt from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville then please pay 60usd more for the transport fees. Thinking of additional things to do while you are in Sihanoukville, please look into our number one thing to do in Cambodia it’s Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor or Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor. here is We have multipe weapons for your chiose of the day like AK47, M16, K57, PKM Machine Guns, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, 50 Caliber well known as Dooshka,shoot an RPG II and RPG 7 (Bazookas and B40 Rocket Launcher) into a house loaded with barrels of fuel, or blow up three traditional houses, or a car full of petrol barrels. You can play all day or for half a day, whatever suits your needs Our Outdoor Phnom Penh shooting Range or Sihanoukville Shooting Range Outdoor club is located on National Road number 4 it approximately take 4 hours from Sihanouk Town or 2 hours from phnom Penh capital of Cambodia the shooting range in sihanouke ville mostly take whole day of your trip in Sihanouke, approximatley take 4 hours each way and then If your trip is on the way from Sihanouk ville to Phnom Penh is perfect! you can make the shooting trip on while you traveling from Sihanouk ville to Phnom Penh (stop to look around for while like 90minutes or more if you planed to do more shooting as musch as you wish) If you would like to make firing reservation please it one or two before the coming day then when the day is coming, the private driver or personal guide is waiting for you at your hotel lobby/receptionist floor The price of sihanoukville shooting range club and phnom penh shooting range outdoor is same the price and policies, pls visit the link of the gun shooting To customize your gun shooting please click this link then write down what do you want to do for the day