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Phnom Penh Night Market Food Stalls

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Night market in phnom Penh is one of the well good street food stalls and it’s easy to find, it’s standing on the great location of Sisiwath quay and riverbank of street 106, 108 and face to street Sisowath quay, riverbank and backside of street number 5. at the market are full of clothes, cheap jewelry and Cambodia foods.

There are plenty of Cambodia street food are sold at the market if you are arrived in Phnom Penh then it’s a good to taste the local foods, there are several food sellers provide you a convenience place for you to have a good relax if you would love to try those of our local taste 


You are able to start our evening with a walk along the Phnom Penh riverside promenade, enjoying the cool breeze off the river, taking in the river traffic on the Tonle Sap, and trying some of the Cambodian street food.

The riverside is active and a good place for a walk and is close to the Phnom Penh nightlife scene.

Inside the Phnom Penh Night Market

Walking to going the market from the promenade will mean can walking cross Preah Sisowath Quay, if you are traveling at the frontside of the market . Be noted, to crossing the road, busy thoroughfare and crossing requires some dodging of tuk tuks, motorbikes, and cars that sometimes bunch up making it difficult to pass through.

Above the entrance is a wooden board with a “Welcome to the Phnom Penh Market”.

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