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Freelance Private Tour Guide Phnom Penh Cambodia

Are you seeking for a Freelance Private Tour Guide Phnom Penh Cambodia for whole trip around cities across Cambodia ? Then please feel free try to get one of our freelance and private tour guides up Dear everyone, my name is Pidor, I am a licensed private and long year professional English Speaking tour guide to the city of phnom penh and other areas around Cambodia. I have started the tour guide job since 2012 when I finished my English bachelor degree and a class of tour guide which it operated by Cambodia Tourism Ministry. Early life in the job, I have faced up with listening and also speaking as you already known English is an universal language and also being used by several countries around the world those each countries tried to have difference sounds. but It was ok for the beginning of the lives in real societies, and then the experiences of real lives are the best tool to get me to the top level of jobs. The experiences in the job fields, I have been worked for several national and international tour agent companies as a private guided tour and I do enjoy meeting all of people from over the world. and the life as tour guide is need to flexible at all time and very patient at all minutes because peoples came from difference countries it meant not same cultures. For example, shake hand, kissing or huge by before saying goodbye to each others its for Western countries and   my job is very curious for the multiple cultures and significantly is meeting those peoples at same group, same day and also same times. then i have to check who I am able to have a good hand shake, enjoy them with my cold beers, little head down or greeting them by both hands together up, for example. Nonetheless; I do have to entertain them for sometime, after we had a long walking tour. Thinking of traveling to Phnom Penh or/and somewhere else around Cambodia please list my name “Pidor” as your private tour

Pidor, Freelance Private Tour Guide Phnom Penh Cambodia

Here is a photo that I and a group of oversea tourists is gathered inside of the historical center it’s called Toul Sleng genocide museum or well known as S21 or Toul Sleng prison, it was kind of the big group and they are so enjoyable looking folk. It’s normal for me to have a big group tour

Pidor, having milk coffee with ice with a customer at a local shop in Phnom Penh

It has been a very hot so get a cold milk coffee with ice in a local cafe shop in Phnom Penh   Feel free to contact us @ following email and phone number address bellow for more information that related to Phnom Penh itinerary tour