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Everything About Siem Reap County

Everything About Siem Reap County is going to article about things that’s related to the Siem Reap 12 provinces and villages

Siem Reap Province consist of 12 districts, 100 communes and around 875 villages. Most of the villages are located in the disctricts Angkor Chum, Chi Kreng, Krolanh, Puk and Sot Nikum. Angkor Thom disctrict is the most well-know due to the fact that main Angkor Wat monument and the ancient city of Angkor Thom are located in this district. Many people also travel to Banteay Srei district to visit the famous Banteay Srei temple.

District Communes Villages
Angkor Chum District 7 84
Angkor Thom District 4 25
Banteay Srei District 6 27
Chi Kreng District 12 147
Krolanh District 10 97
Puk District 16 154
Prasat Bakong District 9 67
Siem Reap District 10 76
Sot Nikum District 10 113
Srei Snom District 6 39
Svay Lea District 5 21
Varin District 5 25