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2021 2022 New Year Night Market Pub Street Siem Reap

Last night 31 December 2021 and first night of 1st January 2022, I was also an eyewitness to see the celebration of new year upcoming “during of the worldwide pandemic” in Siem Reap county one of the Cambodia territories and the land magical temples of Cambodia ancient temples home.

The location that celebrate the new year event every year is called PubStreet which is located in the downtown of Siem Reap city where hundreds of national and international travelers come to gathering every night. 

Siem reap’s Pubstreet, Pub+Street, Pubs is the good sites where peoples built it for let thirty peoples come in to enjoy cold drinks and other beverages, alcohols and foods to taste better with Rum or beer. And street is the way for human walking on or drive cars, motor on it

Pubstreet is the walking site where bars, night clubs, and pubs along the roads, the length of the pubstreet is about 500 meters long within 9 meters cross, it’s the place to welcome to all eater drinks

Currently, PubStreet is the most oversea and local tourists stop after a long day walking, cycling, biking, car riding tours and more…. Returning from Angkor Wat ancient temples around the town of siem reap

The pic i was taken on the midnight of 31 December 2021, I went to the Pubstreet last night to celebrate the new year countdown with other worldwide passengers, expats and local tourists, and maybe I can say very few oversea tourists

The line of waiting and standing peoples is length about 300 meters long within 15 meters cross, four directions, and 90-95 % are Cambodians. #LocalTourismGettingStarted

The pic was taken at around 9 seconds before the new year arrived, everyone was got invited to countdown and shout very loudly, everyone phoned up to record the event, included me. Things can be viewing is the phone’s light that’s lightning to the sign “it’s can be read and recognizes as Pubstreet”

My interested is about frontside of two buildings which it’s about 30 meter away from me, the left of the building are very lightning and colorful but look at the wright side building of my hand side is dark and light can be go through only from other side of buildings around


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