NAT Geo Freelancer Photographer in Cambodia

 The work as a freelancer translator for the National Geographic was also a difference perspective as he was interested in shooting photo in slum earas in Phnom Penh. Actualy, at the beginning i haven't  known that he was a NAT Geo photographer. during of he was having communication with a Malaysian Muslim guy at a Mislim slum community area then I noted their conversation, accedently. then i questioned him "are you working for the NAT Geo as a photographer ?, he was remained quietly". "ok let forget it my quesion" i said.

The job as Freelancer Cambodian English translation interpretaion was taken for 2 long and we traveled in and around Phnom Penh city to find slum areas for his photoing

Day one we went by a tuk tuk to go to Cham or well known as Muslim minority that was located infront of the Royal pakace of Phnom Penh and 4 face rivers. During of shooting photo i also was working as the best role of oral interpreter and i did interprete all of my customer question then translated to muslim community afterward he shot photos where he would like to shoot out

Then after the works complited we decised to return to street markets around phnom penh city, there were in the market where everyone just go in then shop some fresh vigetables and raw beefs or porks. All the meats and vegetable were hanging with hooks with big unbrellars covered from the light and little rain drops, at the street markets i hadn't speaking with those sellers in the market. While we are walking in the market he was also shooting the photo he wished to photo but some spots he asked me to have permissions for the photoing. Around 5 pm we went back for the hotel where i greeted.

Day 2, we were going to have a similar works but we traveled to a market and also slum area was nearby garment factories. And this works was little difference within a new place and people, there were a lot factory workers were walking by, bought and ate food at same site. Eventually, some of them would like to had photo taken and some weren't allowed but i made a try to have them smiled to camera, finally.