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My name is Pho Hout well known as Pho "it's not one of the Vietnamese noodle soups or foods :)" as a short calling, I am one of the Cambodian English professional speaking tour guides and also English-Cambodian Interpreter and Translator. If you are seeking for holiday and work during of your visiting in Cambodia I am the most suitable for traveling and working in the kingdom

2001, I migranted from Kratie county's to Phnom Penh, and Krartie is one of the elegrance countrtsides where many of fresh dolphins are, if you would love to see those fresh river dolphins please come to me and then you will be seeing those of the them.
Actually when I had first arrived in city (Phnom Penh the capital and the largest city of Cambodia) i started to work for a bicycle shop for 3yrs. When I was working for the shop i also studied English as part time clases
2004, lelf the shop which it wasn't a lucbricant job to have a delighted life for the upcpming future, just working from sun rise till late evening, and then i told my self "i very hate this life, countryside i had much more freedom to enjoy life times"   
2005 started computer class as a computer scient classes 
2006, begin to work as a tuk tuk driver, and then tropped the school at the end of the year (because i earnt big $ everyday so no need to go to school "shamed" ). Working as the broken english driver tuk tuk everyday i was seeing the nubmer of drivers are being increased from day to day. Then I saw tour guide job "thought  mysekf it's a good job and good life" because they are bringing tourist to go everyehere around the country, wow! its a very nice and also  intergent after that i saw a tour company provide job to those guides. Then i started to inmagine, how did the tour companies collect the oversea tourists, oh...! online business, it's going to be my skill but English is also very importance for my current job. Afterward I repeated myself I would love to create a tour company
2010, went back to school of english bachelor degree
2012, I met Susan and her husband, Tom (American couple), she gave me a golden opportunity to finish the English bachelor classes and tour guide class fee
June 2014, I finished the English classes (Translation/Interpretation)and 2015, finished tour guide class. after starting to enjoy my job as the tour guide till now, I love this job i can meet people around the world within difference cultures   

Bangkok, Thailand Vientian Lao Myanmar
Malaysia Singapore Vietnam
                Trips at abroard within not the same citeis in South East Asia region, Thailand, Lao, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapor and Vietnam

For years ago I have set a few tour and travel that very related businesses to the tourism field and more details about my related job as the tour operator and tour guides please visit my other bussiness in other TripAdvisor

My hobboies are about traveling around Cambodia to explore new things around my believed counry then when i found new attract sites i will be posted in my private tour and travel website 

tour guides cambodia, reading books, listenning to the shound of nature and.........!!!!! 

 this is pho hout your outdoor Cambodian tour guide to go around Cambodia

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