private english tour guides battambang Cambodia

 Battambang is one of the tourist attraction sites in cambodia, private english tour guides battambang is a must thing to carry along with you to see things left behind the past because the town of Battambang is about 3 hours away from Siem Reap town, the land of ancient temple or well known as the territory of magical ancient temples.

So, the private english spoken tour guide in the city of Battambang town is a much need to escort all local and oversea travelers to go around the town, then if you seeking for a Tour Guide Battambang toown then let get the Tour Guides Cambodia to help you from the start till the end of your trips there. 

Hello everyone, my name is Pho Hout, I am working for full time and part time job as a number personal English speaking tour guide in Battambang town of Cambodia, I am a well and long year English oriented guide in the town and anywhere else across the kingdom of Cambodia.

Symbol of Battangbang city of Cambodia, Kranhoung Stick King, the hoily statu

When you are planed to visit Battambang of Cambodia then let go with us "TourGuidesCambodia.Com" and get me "pho hout" as your individoul english guide to go through out the town and somewhere else across Cambodia territories.

More things to do and to see in town of Battambang tow