Siem Reap Tour Guides

 Welcome to Siem Reap Tour Guides, is also the speaking tour guide job and they are needed to have very detailed on each tourist site's hostories, and Siem reap private tour guide is the work to have to talk about Cambodia's ancient temples which it was from the last +1000 years.

Here we are a professional group of English Spoken tour guide in Siem Reap for several years and we have experienced with the worldwide's cultures whose from every angles around the planets on our earth. Beside the speaking job then we are also providing package tours to go through to every temples in the town of Siem Reap. And the package tour could be incuded hotel stay, daily foods, transportation to up and the old temples and around Cambodia if you want to add it, 
me, standing of infront of Bayon temple. Siem Rep Tour Guide
me, standing infront of Bayon temple. Siem Rep Tour Guide

Hello valuable customers, It's me "Pho" your private English speaking tour giuide to go in/around Siem Reap's Angkor wat temples archeological compounds,  escorting national and international tourists to visit the town of Siem Reap within the ancient architecture temples that it were built by Cambodia ancestors is my honor and pleasurable job. Moreover; I have been in the Angkor Wat temple tourism more decades since the country of Cambodia started to open the tourism in 1997.

For those of you who are looking into adventuring to Siem Reap town then please feel free send us an email, we are able to give some itinerary to go through into the land of magical temples, when you are arrived in the temple territories then you are understoond "
magical temples". but if you want to get details with the histories left from behind then hire a very professional Engilsh speaking tour guide like me "Pho" to tell the stories details.

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