Private Phnom Penh Tour Guides

 Adventuring to Phnom Penh, the biggest and capital city of Cambodia then feeling a need of a Private Phnom Penh Tour Guides to go across city then let our team "TourGuidesCambodia.Com" help you to arrange your whole tripa to go through to the city of kingdom.

Dear Everyone, my name is Chany and currently, I am a self employed English private tour guide to Phom Penh city and also  I am living in the capital since I was born till now, felt in love in my city to much, don't want to move to out of it. For the private tour guide occupation has started since 2014 it was the year that i completed my class at the school of Ministry Tourism, short course  

Study Qualification: I have finished my high school and also English part classes at 2010 and then I went straight to Bachelor of English classes, it took 4 year more to obtain new degree as University Degree in English. When you are able to speak and well understand English then you are not alone anymore, "the books said". then I felt it's true when i started the job a freelance english speaking tour guide i can talk and very pleasured to see everyone around me it doesn't a problem that she/he is local or oversea guides/gals.  

Well, let talk about currently and previously worked, My jobs is about giving orientation to all national ovreasea tourists who I am staying with, and the presentation is about things has happened in Phnom Penh "mostly" from the past till nowadays. But tourists mostly wants to know things that it's affected to whole Cambodians during Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot or well spoken as Democratic Kampichea "Democratic Cambodia" period. YES! Definitely, Toul Sleng or other words are called Toul Sleng Prison, Toul Sleng Genocide Museum or S 21 it's standed for Security 21 "Pol Pot group named Security 21 is beter than called prison" after that also the Killing Fields, it's about 19 km from Phnom Penh.

the two things are more interested than other things around city because it's a recently genocide histories it has just occured after the World War II ened and the whole world devided into 2 blocks, it's communism and democracy. Moreover; beside the 
recently genocide histories I also bring my beloved customers to see cultural histories like the Royal palace and silver pagoda, markets and more..........

If you are planed to Phnom Penh of Cambodia and you are interested in a private english speaking tour guide to go around the city to explore things, then please feel free contact me for a detailed tours in/around 

Email @ TourGuidesCambodia168@Gmail.Com