Oral translation Cambodian English Freelancer Newspaper

 The working with a Brithish freelancer  journalist was the tree in one work, drone flier, driver and translator it was also the scared and threathened working ever in my enter life occupation as a fixered freelancer guide/face to face interpreter

The work was taken on November 2017, i forgot the dating when i started it. but the nagotiation came to a good agreement, i met him up at Phnom Penh International Airport of Cambodia then at around 4pm we left the airport of Phnom Penh to Battambong province and afterthat appro 9pm we arrived a hotel room in Battambong town. then i went up for dinner and my client was also disappred for his tireness in his room. then morning came to replace the darkness we began our jobs.

before going through to the whole stories of my works i wanted to repeat my duties for the works. for the 7 days working, i worked for him as a private driver, personal translator/negotiator and the drone flier, so 3 in 1 of my responsibilities "one guy can manage 3 works at the time/day/week/month". strong guy in all the working conditions

After breakfast then around 8am we were traveling in my car from Battambong town for Battambong's Samlot village where the Angelina jolie's property is, then around 10am we arrived the destination, i drove the land a while then we stop to photo and film the area. and then i took my drone out to flight above the trees "my drine was very loud and the in the jungle was very quietly venue" When i was flying the drone then appro 5 minutes latter a young guy within a red motor was driving to us and looked at us after that told us to stop droning over the private properties, "it was private properties, I wondered, oh no...! its a mountainous jungle site, it should be public property and i did not know it was belong to Angelina jolie" then he gone and drove back after 2 minutes latter, tell us "don't go away and come to our office" then i ignored his words by trying to continue to flight the drone over, It was 2 minutes latter approximately a pick up truck with a driver and 2 army suite men on the truck and they were carry one each of AK47 on their shouders, my feeling went down immediately it was reminded about the Khmer Rough or Red Khmer because of the siute was like the Khmer Rough and moreover the site was the Khmer Rough based stronghole and almost everyone who is living there are the younger generation of them. It was the first fearness time of my whole life experience if we are mentioned about the Khmer Rough characterstic and mostly my mum repeated me about her life during of Khmer Rough dominating the whole country and moreover, Toul Sleng museum is an other evidents of the barbarian khmer rough was.

The truck was stop and the all of the them walked out from the truck to approch afterthat we had a conversation then sundently, my feeling thought they are a group ranger who are guarding the site after they questioned us a lot "why was you here ?" then invited us to their nearby office, they deleted all the records that i filmed with the drone and told us "if you wanted to have a drone flying its needed to have permission from local authurities". was a bad kama of the whole morning working at the Angelina Jolie's property.

Second morning, we arrived a nearby village of 
Angelina Jolie's property and the village was also visited by Angelina Jolie. it was about 20-30 falimies was the formers of the Khmer Rough and men are disable people which some are blind by the metal of AK47 or shrapnel of mines and other was their leg and hands is cut by power of mines or bullets shot on hand or legs. I was missery about the blindness guys that he had been blinded for 20-30 yrs so far and its going to be for they whole live long last.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening for the interview with them about the life was in Khmer Rough comrades and then intergration with the currently, Cambodian governmment 

third morning we went to the Anlong Veng was the Khmer Rough strongest based from Battambong town to see Pol Pot's grave "Pot Pot was the top leader pot pol peroid or well known as Democratic Kampuchea/Cambodia" and Ta Mok Museum. more details then please contact me 

Love the works that i have been throught