The Working for Hong Kong group Interpreter Cambodia

 The job was also a nice and pleasured, it was the job with a Hong Kong film crews there were writters, film stars, a group leader, cameramen, director and more... I got their duties 

I made the booking for them almost everything like, hotel rooms, transportstion from the start till end of the tour, paid for the enrtrance fees across Cambodia and more.....

The work were across 4 provinces within 3 cities there were Phnom Penh city, Battambong town, and Siem Reap down and 4 provinces were Kandal province, Kom Pong Speur province, Battambong province and Siem Reap province. The work i went through to Cambodia's countryside communnities for a great negotiation between the local and then translated to English "for my customer"

this was a 6 day working with the Hong Kong filming company, at the first day of  their arrival i went up to the Phnom Penh international Airport with a 25 seated bus to 
greeted and escorted them straight to a booked hotel in Phnom Penh city but before arriving the hotel we took them to their fovorited food in good restaurant in the town, to have a great dinner after a long day flying.

And second day, met the crews at the hotel then bring them to the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh Www.CambodiaFireRange.Com to blow some RPG "Rocket launcher or well known as B40, Bazooka" and other riffle machine guns. All of the crew had a pleasured trip at the gun range and i was also a had fantastic interpretatoin from Cambodian<->English 

Third day, I and the Hong Kong crew head to Battambong to see bamboo train, bat caves, crocodile farm. and then next morning was the fourth day all of us was traveled to Siem Reap we did nothing for the time of arriving the Siem Reap down, but at the early morning of day 5 we started the whole work and then night shitf came to replace the day shitf, the 6 day we had a good breakfst taking photo together afterward went straight to Siem Reap Airport to say goodbye to each other. All the best crews.