Interpreter Translator Dog-Slaughterhouses Cambodia

 The work as a interpreter/translator to rescue dog's lives from any dog slaughterhouses at Cambodia's countryside then i do need to plans to have communication ahead with the owner of slaughterhouses and also it required to get up early to see the whole process, from the starting till the end of dogs lives.

This working is very need to travel from place to place at countryside in order to see how difference of the slaughterer to killing the dogs for meats. And moreover; peoples at the countryside have a difference speaking and sometime it also need times to find out what we wanted to do and what they want to do for the executing the dogs.

From the start to end, it meant about my customers wanted. and my client intended to see when big trucks and small motor drove in the slaughterhouse and how to the dog killers transfer
However, in order to see the process of dog slaughtering i do need to look for slaugherhouses then make arrangement ahead after that make a good timing "when does the dog and the truck arrive to the house of slaughtering ?". After the negotiation get done then the work of the private interpreter to rescue dog lives is go through.