my personal trip around Cambodia

Hello, this articles is not importance for the work a Cambodia Freelancer guide then please scroll down to the next contents

Actully, beside working as Cambodia-English translator and then I am also a Cambodia Freelancer guide then bringing people or tourists to go somewhere around is an other job and i do love the works 

But after working for everyone i like also use my personal time to go and travel to somewhere around Cambodia and abroads as a backacker tourist "sometime was with friends and sometime a solo traver", mostly i do like trekking tour within a group friend or friends "westner and local friends" to enjnoy my personal lifestyle with friends and cut down the stressfull from works that it has been carrying so far , "for day, month and year long"

The photo of me that a frend of mine took for me while we were on a trekking tour at a village of Cambodia and the village is called Khnerng Phsa village of Kom Pong Speur province  of Cambodia

for sure, i did like the trekking trip but if you are willing to walk for 7 to 9 hours by feet, i did the 7 hours walking trip with a big group friends who participate the trip at the same day and also same bus. And everyone has to package own properties "sleeping tools and eating tool, to avoid starvation and sleeping under skies without pillows and blackets". snack and waters are the main tools to carry with you.

Actually, I do like the traveling to see things all in Cambodia and top favorites are about fresh nature at the seaside's beaches or jungle at the top of the mountains