Cambodia translation interpretation

 Dear valuable ladies and gentlements, Checking out for Cambodia, the country is for your whole mission to do and looking for your private Cambodia translation interpretation and your guide/driver to go around, then look up for me. My name is Pho, i'm a local guide in Phom Penh and very experienced Cambodian to English traslation/Interpretation, Phnom Penh is second home of  mine since i moved from beloved homeland at Kratie province of Cambodia.

the work as the personal interpreter had started since i finished my bachelor degree in English in 2014 till now, and i currencely am also a self-employed guide and also I'm working as individual english speaking guide, interpreter, lawful consultation in Cambodia. Honestly, working as private spoken tour i usually send my group to work for me but if you are looking for business oportunities in the kingdom then i am very happy to work for you and share all my knowlege to you, within the chance to invest in Cambodia

my hobbies is to travel into Cambodia's rural ereas and to learn about the people in the remote sites,
Im very experienced and good at oral translation from mouth to mouth and from Cambodian to English, bringing people to rural communities across the country. To get more details about me like hobbies, working and traveling here is my person facebook.

Therefore, If you are looking for private Cambodian-English interpreter, a personal driver "I have my car" Cambodia geographer or Cambodia best guide then please go straight to me. Then all of your works/missions is completely fruitfull

Bellow is the artciles of my works that is from the starting till currently day 

my personal trip around Cambodia,
Hello, this articles is not importance for the work a Cambodia Freelancer guide then please scroll down to the next contents

Actully, beside working as Cambodia-English translator and then I am also a Cambodia Freelancer guide then bringing people or tourists to go somewhere around is an other job and i do love the works 

But after working for everyone i like also use my personal time to go and travel to somewhere around Cambodia and abroads as a backacker tourist "sometime was with friends and sometime a solo traveler", mostly i do like trekking tour within a group friend or friends "westner and local friends" to enjnoy my personal lifestyle with friends and cut down the stressfull from works that it has been carrying so far , "for day, month and year long"

The photo of me that a frend of mine took for me while we were on a trekking tour at a village of Cambodia and the village is called Khnerng Phsa village of Kom Pong Speur province  of Cambodia

for sure, i did like the trekking trip but if you are willing to walk for 7 to 9 hours by feet, i did the 7 hours walking trip with a big group friends who participate the trip at the same day and also same bus. And everyone has to package own properties "sleeping tools and eating tool, to avoid starvation and sleeping under skies without pillows and blackets". snack and waters are the main tools to carry with you.

Actually, I do like the traveling to see things all in Cambodia and top favorites are about fresh nature at the seaside's beaches or jungle at the top of the mountains 

Interpreter/Translator Dog-Slaughterhouses Cambodia
The work as a interpreter/translator to rescue dog's lives from any dog slaughterhouses at Cambodia's countryside then i do need to plans to have communication ahead with the owner of slaughterhouses and also it required to get up early to see the whole process, from the starting till the end of dog lives.

This working is very need to travel from place to place at countryside in order to see how difference of the slaughterer to killing the dogs for meats. And moreover; peoples at the countryside have a difference speaking and sometime it also need times to find out what we wanted to do and what they want to do for the executing the dogs.

From the start to end, it meant about my customers wanted. and my client intended to see when big trucks and small motor drove in the slaughterhouse and how to the dog killers transfer a cage to other cage "some cages is bellong to slaughterhouse and some is owned by the truck"
However, in order to see the process of dog slaughtering i do need to look for slaugherhouses then make arrangement ahead after that make a good timing "when does the dog and the truck arrive to the house of slaughtering ?". After the negotiation get done then the work of the private interpreter to rescue dog lives is go through.

The Working for Hong Kong group Interpreter Cambodia
The job was also a nice and pleasured, it was the job with a Hong Kong film crews there were writters, film stars, a group leader, cameramen, director and more... I got their duties 

I made the booking for them almost everything like, hotel rooms, transportstion from the start till end of the tour, paid for the enrtrance fees across Cambodia and more.....

The work were across 4 provinces within 3 cities there were Phnom Penh city, Battambong town, and Siem Reap down and 4 provinces were Kandal province, Kom Pong Speur province, Battambong province and Siem Reap province. The work i went through to Cambodia's countryside communnities for a great negotiation between the local and then translated to English "for my customer"

this was a 6 day working with the Hong Kong filming company, at the first day of  their arrival i went up to the Phnom Penh international Airport with a 25 seated bus to 
greeted and escorted them straight to a booked hotel in Phnom Penh city but before arriving the hotel we took them to their fovorited food in good restaurant in the town, to have a great dinner after a long day flying.

And second day, met the crews at the hotel then bring them to the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh Www.CambodiaFireRange.Com to blow some RPG "Rocket launcher or well known as B40, Bazooka" and other riffle machine guns. All of the crew had a pleasured trip at the gun range and i was also a had fantastic interpretatoin from Cambodian<->English 

Third day, I and the Hong Kong crew head to Battambong to see bamboo train, bat caves, crocodile farm. and then next morning was the fourth day all of us was traveled to Siem Reap we did nothing for the time of arriving the Siem Reap down, but at the early morning of day 5 we started the whole work and then night shitf came to replace the day shitf, the 6 day we had a good breakfst taking photo together afterward went straight to Siem Reap Airport to say goodbye to each other. All the best crews.

NAT Geo 
Freelancer Photographer  in Cambodia
The work as a freelancer translator for the National Geographic was also a difference perspective as he was interested in shooting photo in slum earas in Phnom Penh. Actualy, at the beginning i haven't  known that he was a NAT Geo photographer. during of he was having communication with a Malaysian Muslim guy at a Mislim slum community area then I noted their conversation, accedently. then i questioned him "are you working for the NAT Geo as a photographer ?, he was remained quietly". "ok let forget it my quesion" i said.

The job as Freelancer Cambodian English translation interpretaion was taken for 2 long and we traveled in and around Phnom Penh city to find slum areas for his photoing

Day one we went by a tuk tuk to go to Cham or well known as Muslim minority that was located infront of the Royal pakace of Phnom Penh and 4 face rivers. During of shooting photo i also was working as the best role of oral interpreter and i did interprete all of my customer question then translated to muslim community afterward he shot photos where he would like to shoot out

Then after the works complited we decised to return to street markets around phnom penh city, there were in the market where everyone just go in then shop some fresh vigetables and raw beefs or porks. All the meats and vegetable were hanging with hooks with big unbrellars covered from the light and little rain drops, at the street markets i hadn't speaking with those sellers in the market. While we are walking in the market he was also shooting the photo he wished to photo but some spots he asked me to have permissions for the photoing. Around 5 pm we went back for the hotel where i greeted.

Day 2, we were going to have a similar works but we traveled to a market and also slum area was nearby garment factories. And this works was little difference within a new place and people, there were a lot factory workers were walking by, bought and ate food at same site. Eventually, some of them would like to had photo taken and some weren't allowed but i made a try to have them smiled to camera, finally.

Oral translation Cambodian English Freelancer Newspaper
The working with a Brithish freelancer  journalist was the tree in one work, drone flier, driver and translator it was also the scared and threathened working ever in my enter life occupation as a fixered freelancer guide/face to face interpreter

The work was taken on November 2017, i forgot the dating when i started it. but the nagotiation came to a good agreement, i met him up at Phnom Penh International Airport of Cambodia then at around 4pm we left the airport of Phnom Penh to Battambong province and afterthat appro 9pm we arrived a hotel room in Battambong town. then i went up for dinner and my client was also disappred for his tireness in his room. then morning came to replace the darkness we began our jobs.

before going through to the whole stories of my works i wanted to repeat my duties for the works. for the 7 days working, i worked for him as a private driver, personal translator/negotiator and the drone flier, so 3 in 1 of my responsibilities "one guy can manage 3 works at the time/day/week/month". strong guy in all the working conditions

After breakfast then around 8am we were traveling in my car from Battambong town for Battambong's Samlot village where the Angelina jolie's property is, then around 10am we arrived the destination, i drove the land a while then we stop to photo and film the area. and then i took my drone out to flight above the trees "my drine was very loud and the in the jungle was very quietly venue" When i was flying the drone then appro 5 minutes latter a young guy within a red motor was driving to us and looked at us after that told us to stop droning over the private properties, "it was private properties, I wondered, oh no...! its a mountainous jungle site, it should be public property and i did not know it was belong to Angelina jolie" then he gone and drove back after 2 minutes latter, tell us "don't go away and come to our office" then i ignored his words by trying to continue to flight the drone over, It was 2 minutes latter approximately a pick up truck with a driver and 2 army suite men on the truck and they were carry one each of AK47 on their shouders, my feeling went down immediately it was reminded about the Khmer Rough or Red Khmer because of the siute was like the Khmer Rough and moreover the site was the Khmer Rough based stronghole and almost everyone who is living there are the younger generation of them. It was the first fearness time of my whole life experience if we are mentioned about the Khmer Rough characterstic and mostly my mum repeated me about her life during of Khmer Rough dominating the whole country and moreover, Toul Sleng museum is an other evidents of the barbarian khmer rough was.

The truck was stop and the all of the them walked out from the truck to approch afterthat we had a conversation then sundently, my feeling thought they are a group ranger who are guarding the site after they questioned us a lot "why was you here ?" then invited us to their nearby office, they deleted all the records that i filmed with the drone and told us "if you wanted to have a drone flying its needed to have permission from local authurities". was a bad kama of the whole morning working at the Angelina Jolie's property.

Second morning, we arrived a nearby village of 
Angelina Jolie's property and the village was also visited by Angelina Jolie. it was about 20-30 falimies was the formers of the Khmer Rough and men are disable people which some are blind by the metal of AK47 or shrapnel of mines and other was their leg and hands is cut by power of mines or bullets shot on hand or legs. I was missery about the blindness guys that he had been blinded for 20-30 yrs so far and its going to be for they whole live long last.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening for the interview with them about the life was in Khmer Rough comrades and then intergration with the currently, Cambodian governmment 

third morning we went to the Anlong Veng was the Khmer Rough strongest based from Battambong town to see Pol Pot's grave "Pot Pot was the top leader pot pol peroid or well known as Democratic Kampuchea/Cambodia" and Ta Mok Museum. more details then please contact me 

Love the works that i have been throught