Things to do Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital and the largest city of Cambodia which the home of +1.5 millions peoples of whole population in the city, +15 millions within a total of whole population, its now city for businesses of local and international within a fully developement by local and international investors who are being came from all over the world,  it's started from muddy field turned to malls, sky buildings, hotels, restaurants almost roads across the city is decorated by elecetrict wire, big and small trees.

Moreover, the city of Phnom Penh is the most busies town across the country and the town can be working from early morning till the sun went down then it's replaced by artificial lights across the town then the night shift worker comes to replace the day shift workers, it makes the city are still continuing the activities for 24 hours long. So, the working action is 24 hours long then if anyone is looking for things to do or things to eat are available at all time youn needed 

This is a new face of Phnom Penh Capital, Kingdom of Cambodia. Cambodia has seen rapid development in transport infrastructure, energy, trade, investment, construction and real estate, and tourism in the recently years, which had greatly contributed to socio-economic development for the whole country. “As we all have seen with our own eyes, there has been remarkable development of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railroads, and hydropower plants in the past five years. For construction, high-rise buildings, office buildings, and condos have been developed rapidly these years.

nonetheless, Phnom Penh city is also the home of royal family which is the Royal Palace is standing in front of the four face rivers, in fron of the palace there is the most elegrant site and also freshy river to get away from the bored time, The royal palce and silver pagoda is one of a must thing to see in Phnom Penh city, bellow is the list phnom penh things to see and to do.

Bellow are the list of things to do/see in/around city

1. The Royal Palace and Silver pagoda are one of the tourist stop to see for everyone to come to visit everyday, the location of the palce is standing in front of the 4 rivers and alongside of sothearos boulevard phnom penh. 

The royla palace in Phnom Penh is the home of Cambodia King and his whole family and also the palace is one of the tourist spots in the city, the most tourist attractive site is silver pagoda,  the throne hall which is located in the royal palace compound.

the infront side ofroyal palace of Phnom Penh of Cambodia

Within the Royal Palace compound is this extravagant temple, also known as Wat Preah Keo or Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Silver Pagoda is so named for its floor, which is covered with 5 tonnes of gleaming silver. You can sneak a peek at some of the 5000 tiles near the entrance, but most are covered for protection. Inside is a series of lavish Buddha statues made of precious metals.

Advice for visiting Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda 

  • There are a few things to note before heading to the Royal Palace. Firstly, it’s the royal residence and a place of national pride. This means visitors are expected to behave and dress respectfully, so don’t expect to be let in wearing hot pants or a sleeveless shirt.
  • Visitors should keep their shoulders and knees covered. Those turning up to buy a ticket deemed to be dressed inappropriately will either be refused entry or asked to pay extra to hire some less than flattering clothing to explore the grounds.
  • Photography is permitted throughout the grounds. However, no photography is allowed inside the Silver Pagoda and visitors should refrain from climbing on structures or touching any ancient relics.
  • It is possible to wander around the grounds alone, but it is advisable to hire one of the guides found at the southern gate, many of whom are well-informed graduates. T
  • The Royal Palace is closed during most of Cambodia’s major public and religious holidays so check beforehand (as the Cambodian calendar is packed full of them). It also operates under the strict opening hours of 8am to 10.30am, and 2pm to 5pm daily. 
 2. the national museum art and galery

The National Museum of Phnom Penh of Cambodia is center to the world’s finest collection of Khmer sculpture: a millennium’s worth and more of masterful Khmer design. It’s housed in a graceful terracotta structure of traditional design (built from 1917 to 1920) with an inviting courtyard garden, just north of the Royal Palace. It is located on street 13 in central Phnom Penh. The visitor’s entrance to the compound and the admissions ticket booth are at the corner of streets 13 and 178. Opening hours are from 8.00am until 5.00pm daily. Last admission tickets are sold at 4.30pm.

3. River and frontside of Royal Palace, the frontside of the royal palace of Phnom Penh is the site to site to view those locals and foriegners to relax after a long walking day or trip, a good to relax at the riverside "along the palace" is evening. Just walking straight to sit along riverbanks and get fresh air or sit on the toproof bar of a restaurant along frontside of the quay. The leght of the quay is from 178 street reached to 102, "it's the long site for setting to enjoy your beer times"

river bank in phnom penh city of Cambodia

4. S 21 Toul Sleng School Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, things can be missed to visit if you are in the city of Phnom Penh, it was the former of a big high school pre Pot pol occupied the country of Cambodia. Pol Pot regime led Cambodia from 17 April 1975 till 07 January 1975, it was called the genocidal regime it caused nearly 2 mollion Cambodian zitizens died by through reasons like, starvation, excution, revenging, less medical and more....

Toul Sleng also genocide museum Phnom Penh Cambodia,

5. The Killing Field Genocide Museum of Phnom Penh is the site to used execute to those Cambodians who offended the regime of democratic Kapuchea (Democratic of Cambodia), it's located at outside of the capital of Phnom Penh and approximately 18 km within 30-45 minutes ride by cars.  
the site was happened on 1976 and completely disappeared on 1979 and when the group of Khmer Rouge was toppled by currently government. Now it's served as the things to see in Phnom Penh it's open everyday  

Choeung Ek Killing Fields of Phnom Penh Cambodia

6. Independent Momument

The Independent Monument of Phnom Penh Cambodia

7. Kickboxing and trainning clsses

8. the royal palace frontside and riverfront

9. Wat Phnom of Phnom Penh
10. Central Market of Phnm penh

11. Shopping Toul Tum Pong well known as Russian Market 
12. the Malls in Phnom Penh
13. Gym fitness sport club Phnom Penh

Restaurants can be found and some food stores are nearby the royal palace are good venue for your lunch and dinner, the   breakfast is a hotel complimentary and before walking out from your hotel you might already ate it then the other two meals is very necessory for trips in town.   after a long walking day then its time to have energies back, food stores are along the riverside and close to the palace are middle range restaurants and few are fancy food shops. Riverside street 178 down along to 100 are the restaurant you should be sitting in for your meals like lunches or dinners  

things to do after sun went down in Phnom Penh, actually the number of entertainment clubs are built in and around the capital of Phnom Penh